Garage Doors Opener

Cave Creek Garage Repairs installs the electric garage door opener which allows you to never get out of your car during bad weather. Simply press the garage door opener remote control to open the door while waiting in the car, that’s all there is to it! The garage door opener comes with a remote control which is sleek and very user friendly having built in safety features. We employ only the best safety features in the garage door operating system. This includes the garage door protection mechanism, which detects if something is in the way of the door closing with the help of infrared light sensors. There is also a manual release mechanism which assists in opening the door in case the power connection fails.

Cave Creek Garage Repairs also provides top of the class service for garage door openers with working remote keypads.  It becomes a real issue when the remote becomes non functional rendering the entire system useless especially in rough weather. Faulty belts, chains and screw drives are the most common problems reported to Cave Creek Garage Repairs. We also fix anything else along with the reported problem providing parts when required. We have a very effective garage door opener installation in place. When you choose the right company like us to install your new garage door opener you can be sure that you will experience all the intended features and enjoy them for a long, long time.