Cable Replacement

Cave Creek Garage Repairs is well equipped to supply a variety of spare parts and replacement for servicing and maintenance of all makes of garage doors. As an affordable service, we can easily provide you efficient repairs for doors old and new.

A typical garage door consists of a number of heavy duty parts such as torsion springs, brackets, and cables. Garage door cables are important item in every garage door as they are responsible for the support and movement of torsion springs that control movement of the door.

The purpose of a garage door safety cable

Every garage door works with the help of torsion or extension springs. Keeping the springs firmly in place are safety cables to prevent the door collapsing down in event of spring damage or breakage. When a spring gives way the force of a collapsing garage door is enough to inflict fatal injury or serious damage to your car. Even worse is a snapped spring which can be thrown across a space with incredible force enough to penetrate a wall. Imagine what injury or damage is liable to be caused by such an event.

Damaged or worn out safety cables result in a garage door opening or closing with obstruction. The door can stick or get jammed. This is why a periodic inspection of safety cables is necessary to prevent an accident.

Garage door cables are usually attached to a wall or the track of the door sharing the same support as the springs. The cables are usually laced through the springs keeping them in perfect tension in order to allow the garage door to operate smoothly.

Replacing a garage door cable

Replacing a faulty or broken cable is not an easy task. It requires a good degree of mechanical knowledge. If you are a lay person without the expertise of mechanical experience then it is necessary to seek professional help. Cave Creek Garage Doors Repairs is an excellent service with several branches around Arizona. Should you require an inspection or replacement of your garage doors cable, feel free to call us and we will send across a team for a thorough inspection.

Cave Creek Garage Repairs is a company well versed in dealing with a variety of garage doors. We stock only the best of branded hardware that undergo stringent quality checks; hence we ensure you replacements of the highest quality. In event of any problems concerning your garage door safety cables, get in touch with Cave Creek and we will respond immediately.